Jer. 31 does not do away with the law, but instead it magnifies it with a one on one relationship with the Father! :30- No longer will individual sins be attributable to the collected mass. “Instead, everyone will die for his own sin;…” :31-”…I will make a new covenant with (both) the House of Israel and Judah.” This means there are other tribes besides Judah or the Jews that can be a part of the new covenant. The other tribes are still relevant and even mentioned first. It is most advantageous to read all of Jeremiah chapter 31.

Many read this portion and only this portion and discount the remainder of the OT like it doesn’t exist. They quote a few choice sentences pushing for only a NT narrative. Then state that only the NT is relevant now. WRONG! There are a lot of pages and history between Jeremiah and Matthew! Ignoring the “rest of the story” is a vital mistake!

Jer 31 does not apply to the New Testament Christian church. Many or most churches believe that they are Spiritual Israel and it applies to them. It CAN and should. Yet, they ignore the very next verses. It only applies to those individuals or assemblies that are keeping the LAW- My law YHVH says… and He will put it in your heart. This is not a new law— nor a watered down version– there is no do away with the law statement included in ANY of these verses. Neither is GRACE only a NT concept. This would have been a perfect time for YHVH, who knows all things to state clearly… we are only under GRACE, and the law is to no effect. WE CHOOSE TO OBEY YHVH. And that is what the New Covenant boils down to! He would have mentioned something new or a change regarding the law itself here! This is so big that both Protestants/Catholics use these verses as a basis for moving away from anything Judaic. He wrote the 10 commandments on stone… now they are engraved on your hearts (by YHVH) of those chosen by Him and who respond to Him! Read closely what it says in :33-

“I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts.”

I (YHVH) will be their God and they (these people) will be My people.” NIV

This verse does not include or mention: a Son, a King, a Priest, a Church, or another is to be used to have access to Him such as a seer or priest. Those individuals— none of them are in there! The very Creator of the universe wants a personal one to one relationship with you! One cannot read into this verse what isn’t there and make GUESSES or hypothesis! YHVH is declaring He is the one and only God of the New Covenant with the combined Tribes of Israel/Judah STILL. That did not and has not changed!

We find in many verses that the “Lost” northern tribes of Israel were not stamped out. And even more, they play a vital role in future events and are spoken of in these series of verses. Scripture tells us when understood properly and in context that YHVH saved the other tribes of Israel from annihilation and allowed them to flourish again. A lot of the evidence is locked away in the books of the Apocrypha which the Christian leaders did not want to claim because they give us insight, and plainly teach “obedience and works” when it comes to the law. Neither did Protestant/Lutheran leaders want anything mentioning Purgatory. (Scripture does not teach Purgatory, we agree.) These were additions to some of the verses at a later time and could have been noted.

What is great about some of these Apocrypha books is the fact that for the most part Christian/Lutheran translators have been HANDS OFF and have not corrupted the message to fit their narrative. Catholics only view them as historical and could care less… so some have been preserved. The book of Tobit and other books tell us that during Assyrian captivity life was not so bad! There were collections of multiple tribes to the northeast and west that flourished and kept the Sabbath and Feasts! More about this in another article-THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL. We also find many fled south when Assyria invaded. There was a prophesy of coming doom. Believers were able to escape. Also, miraculously YHVH saved the southern tribe(s) of Judah, Simeon, Levi, and possibly remnants of others from Assyrian advancement— killing some 450K soldiers Himself stopping the advance southward. You would think that seeing their brothers— the northern Tribes taken into captivity would have changed Judah’s heart as a nation. Undoubtedly, some did heed the warning. Not their leader!

THE MAIN POINT OF THE NEW COVENANT: YHVH HIMSELF IS SAYING: I WILL INTERACT DIRECTLY WITH MY PEOPLE – ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS. The combined house of Israel constantly broke the covenant and paid penalties multiple times. Enough was enough! This allowed YHVH to make a NEW covenant with those that follow(ed) Him. After extending grace and mercy countless times, the breaking of the Old Covenant made way for a path for new converts. It is all laid out… not in the NT, but the OLD! Continue reading: THE NEW COVENANT (made available soon)

His Assembly of Believers = One Collective Mind and Heart Touched By Yhvh!

It is most important for those that believe similarly associate with those that hold the same or very similar beliefs, values and standards. Worship, praise, and singing can all be a part of our daily interaction with Yah. Sabbath— Sacred Assembly must be composed of an interaction with YHVH and a thanksgiving memorial of His creation, and a celebration of the future REST of His reign on earth among us.

His 10 commandments and applicable statutes serve as a guide in our relationship with Him and our neighbors. They certainly are the integral thread that binds us together as His assembly of believers.


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