The “Intelligent” Design of the Zebra–New research about their stripes. Creation or evolution?

The stripes… ” they evolved to deter bloodsucking flies. ”
The Surprising Reason Zebras Have Stripes
By putting black-and-white coats on horses, a new study shows that the pattern discourages biting flies from landing.
Ed Yong
February 20, 2019

A recent article in The Atlantic gives insight into the study of a scientist and his findings as to why zebras have stripes. The conclusion being that the pattern deters flies from landing on their backs and biting/spreading disease, etc. In the zebra’s native environment, blood sucking insects are a huge problem! Prior studies by other scientists concluded the stripes were great camouflage. But, let’s go back to the evolution comment! “They (the stripes) evolved.” Yes, this is the same old explanation that originated with Darwin and anchors scientific research to this day. This fly deterring aspect of the zebra’s hide as well as other “adaptations and evolutionary traits” just happened out of the blue– by evolution over a span of millions and/or billions of years. Really? Can we really believe that the first zebra had no stripes? How did we get the first zebra? Was it male or female? How did it procreate the first time? Back to the wonderful zebra– given the nature of the insects in that part of the world– how could the zebra have survived the relentless sucking of insects till the patterns grew to alleviate the problem? Why did it choose that bad location in Africa early on if it wasn’t adapted to it before the stripes? How could so many species across the earth not die out before their evolutionary means of survival kicked in? It was a miracle- a once in a lifetime big bang event! Hogwash! Yes, there was an event– it was the miracle of creation! They all came into being at once male and female. Let’s look closer at this and think. We are to believe that the zebra was able to sprout color pigments over millions of years in it’s coat? And the animal in and of itself could control this growth and it’s own colors? Somehow NATURE knew which color and patterns to form and provide it at the same time and make sure each pattern is unique and DIFFERENT from others?

Zebras are just one example! The whole creation of YHVH was good!

What about the argument that life started at one specific place and only there. At this location after an incident a few special creatures began life and more evolved from them and so on and here we are? The issue that no scientist really wants to argue is that these one of a kind species were later found by scientists in remote areas of the world that the species themselves could never have visited or migrated to– on other islands or continents! Found elsewhere were the exact same species with the exact same attributes, male and female. It was supposedly a specific place on earth where a lightening strike/planet alignment occurred producing the big bang. Uh oh! No two places on earth have ever been found to be alike. Theory busted! Isn’t that something? The probability by math of such things occurring is a -negative outrageous number. Common sense tells us that. These zebra stripes are just one aspect of one proof of intelligent design by our Creator. The article continues…

Stripes, for some reason, seem to help. In 2014, Caro and his colleagues showed that striped horses—three zebra species and the African wild ass with thin stripes on its legs—tend to live in regions with lots of horseflies. And several researchers, over the years, have shown that these flies find it hard to land on striped surfaces. No one, however, had watched the insects trying to bite actual zebras.
The Surprising Reason Zebras Have Stripes
By putting black-and-white coats on horses, a new study shows that the pattern discourages biting flies from landing.
Ed Yong
February 20, 2019

The real explanation of the intelligent design of a zebra’s stripes and the entire planet for that matter– An Intelligent All Powerful Creator!

:25– “YHVH made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And YHVH saw that it was good.

:26– Man was given the authority “to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the earth itself and every creature that crawls upon it.”

GEN. 1:25,26 NIV (name USED)

Intelligent design demands an intelligent designer capable of such an activity. The creator is always greater and smarter than the creation! Apart from what humans have ruined– if one just stops a minute and opens their eyes… there is nothing but perfect beauty, design, and architecture in nature all around us. Every native species is perfect for it’s natural environment and body in its own way. What is the probability of that? How is that possible by fiat (chance)? The adaptability in all living things and nature itself is unbelievable and beyond anything humans are capable of nor can it just “happen” of itself. Cause and effect is real. Something has to “cause’ the initial event. Nature and our environment is ALIVE in it’s own way from the grass to the trees to the millions of various species of flora and fauna. When a tree dies it provides habitat and nourishment for the subsequent generation and other living creatures. No human has such a power to make a living creature no matter the simplicity nor produce matter or any substance from nothing. It demands higher intelligence and capability. It could not happen by the means of someone less intelligent or a by chance occurrence.

Simple observation also reveals that no species alive on this planet (high number) is in a “state” of mutated evolution. There are no boo boos or mistakes. One winged birds with a lizards tail for example or three legged wolves that cannot run for their food. There are abnormalities and quirks today due to various human interaction aka genetic mutations, cross breeding, and modifications due to or a result of human influenced ecological, environmental, and biological factors.

A living creature can change and adapt to a new environment in REAL TIME– and over a period of years else how does it survive at all? A dead rotten piece of wood cannot make another. Yet, each living thing has a means to recreate itself through offspring of the same species. Any honest scientist will admit off record that there are (too) many gaps, errors, and guesses in the evolutionary hypothesis that can not be proven or explained by science! Hypothesis is a best guess. Over time too many consider guesses fact! Especially when they hate religion. We have to take the word of a higher power hater in most cases. The scientists can not explain nor prove their best guesses on the origin of species. Was the giraffe once a short necked animal that survived Africa without it? Why didn’t the zebra grow a long neck? Why is the zebra neck perfectly proportioned to it’s body and it’s native lands? Uh? The scientists have no answer. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the more complex bodily functions such as DNA and cell activities. Survival and adaptability is not an evolutionary concept proving origins, it is a real event that occurs every day. Wild and domesticated animals “learn” from their successes and failures. But, they can’t do a complete and utter metamorphoses! Man alone as the greater being can tame and domesticate wild animals– even elephants! The capability of ruling over the animals was bestowed to us by YHVH.


Some Scientists and atheists now turn to UFOs and alien life as an answer to questions of origin, design, and life. They are desperate for an explanation.


As scientists see the more and more intelligent design of the earth and in it’s inhabitants, they are searching more than ever for an alternative, another answer, a replacement for evolution. UFOs– and intelligent life greater than us is the goal. Paradoxically, we have the answers and YHVH and His touch is all around us!

:12– “I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”

:22– Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am YHVH, and there is no other.

ISAIAH 45:12; 22 BSB

One really has to twist their mind and not THINK logically to believe the evolution lie. How can perfection be achievable countless times or even possible by chance. An explosion and bubbling goo coming out of the earth made all that we have today– is that even a sane explanation? No! Where and how did the explosion happen–from what and where did it and the goo originate? There had to be a beginning or starting point for our planet and all physical things! AND, life can only come from the living. The chicken had to come before the egg! AND it took a rooster– a male of every species to procreate! Intelligent design demands an intelligent designer! Think about it and remember the zebra or examine the creation itself as His fingerprints are everywhere. The wonderful creation itself is a reminder of YHVH’s great creative power and majesty.

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